[WTL1.07] Sub Domains

Sub domains allow you to have a new web address for separate areas of your website, for example you could have support.afmimuk.com and point this at your yourdomain.com/support/ directory. You can use sub domains in conjunction with additional FTP accounts, creating, in effect, simple hosting accounts with a sub domain and additional FTP accounts.

On each sub domain you add you also have full email capabilities, for example you could have an email box, forwarder, catch all forwarder or autoresponder on anything@what-ever-you-choose.yourdomain.com.

Please note that subdomains take up to an hour to become active.To create a new sub domain enter the sub part followed by the directory to point the sub domain at. If the directory you specify does not exist then we will create it for you.

  1. Log into your hosting control panel (http://www.extendcp.com) with the login details sent to you
  2. Under the Web Tools section, click on Sub Domains
  3. Enter Domain Name & Directory
  4. Create

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