[EML4.33] How can I access my webmail

10 Ways to access your eMails.

We understand that sometimes our users face problems in accessing  emails and these problems range from email error messages to just not liking the user interface. Here are 10 different ways to access your same emails on our servers. You can choose the one you prefer or use all of them on different session logins or simultaneously. It really doesnt matter because its the same emails but from different interfaces.

NOTE that in all instances, your login will still remain the same as your complete email eg info@pfphosts.com or info@zimhosts.com

PART A: General Login Options

OPTION 1. Standard link
You can use the standard: http://www.outitgoes.com to access your email. This is the default link that comes embeded on your new hosting account

Option 2. Your Domain Link
Once your domain is registered and your site is working, then you can simply use: http://webmail.domain.com where domain is your domain name. eg if your domain is oranges.net,then you can access your emails by typing http://webmail.oranges.net

Option 3. Our Domain Link
In case you cant remember using any of the above, you can simply stick to our preconfigured email domain link that will work for any account ie http://webmail.pfphosts.net

Option 4. Through The Control Panel
When we set up your new hosting account, we must have sent you the welcome email containing all the login information for your domain, FTP and control panel etc. Login to the control panel and click on the Login To Webmail icon next to the Mail Boxes icon under the Email tab. This will give you an option to login to your email without requiring a password.
that you will be able to login to any other emails already setup under that domain.

PART B: Custom Login Options

Our control panel also comes with email scripts that can be installed if for some reason you do not like the above interfaces or scripts. You would need to first install the script inside your control panel as detailed below.

Option 5. Squirrel Mail
The first is called Squirrel Mail and is found under the CGI scripts category tab within the webhosting control panel. You need to login to your Hosting control panel (Refer to the welcome email we sent you that contains all the login information). Click to install the email script under a folder of your chosen name. We usually name it smail (this folder should not exist as it will be created automatically during the one click install) and the access becomes http://www.domain.com/rmail. As an example, if your domain is pfphosts.net, then after installing Squirrel mail, your access link becomes: http://www.pfphosts.net/smail

Option 6. Round Cube Mail
Round cube mail is exactly the same as Squirrel mail above except for some small differences. You install the script through the same way and its located under the CGI scipt tab. Preferrably install it into a folder called rmail (this folder should not exist as it will be created automatically during the one click install). If for example your domain is pfphosts.net then access would be: http://www.pfphosts.net/rmail
NOTE: Roundcube also requires an additional login section called Server. Simply retype your domain with mail. at the beginning. For our example, this would be mail.pfphosts.net

PART C: Outlook Login Option

Option 7. Through Outlook
Outlook is another option which extracts your emails from our servers to your Desktop/Laptop computer running Microsoft Office Outlook. Your incoming and outgoing servers are both mail.domain.com where domain is your domain name. Details for configuring outlook are provided here: Help Site

PART D: Third Party eMail Clients Login Option

There are other third party email scipts/ websites that offer free email access. You can search for them through google. Nothing is for free so the disc space is limited plus they offer their own adverts inside your account. Note that although they use their different interface to display your emails, they are still accessing your emails from your account within our servers. 2 examples of these are:

Option 8. eMol eMail Client
A free third party email client. Access is through: http://www.e-mol.com

Option 9. Mail2Web eMail Client
A free third party email client. Access is through: http://www.mail2web.com. NOTE that mail2web also requires a third login section called server. Simply type mail. as a prefix to your domain ie mail.pfphosts.net if your domain is pfphosts.net

PART E: Custom Coded Login Option

Option 10. Website Link
This is a consolidation of all the above options but hard coded into your website. Instead of typing all the above options or having to first login to your control panel etc, you can simply embed the above link(s) into a menu button on your website. The link can be called Webmail or eMail etc and can contain either 1 or all of them


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